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Mike Snider
Live at the Station Inn
  1. Intro by Glen Sutton

  2. Denver Belle
  3. Shakespeare
  4. Soppin' The Gravy
  5. Sweetie
  6. Georgia
  7. Bull At the Wagon
  8. Religious Experience
  9. Black And White Rag
  10. If You Had What I've Got
  11. Soldiers Joy Medley
  12. Ashokan Farewell
  13. Darlin' Pal 'O' Mine
  14. Centipede
  15. Sally Goodin
  16. John Henry
  17. Old Joe Clark

Mike Snider
Mandolin, Banjo & Harmonica

Terry Smith

Charlie Cushman
Guitar & Banjo

Shad Cobb

Matt Combs

Recorded & Engineered by Rich Adler
and his mobile equipment

Mixed at Soundwave Studio
Nashville, TN

Mastered by John Eberle at
Americana Mastering
Nashville, TN